BGI Apartments

Resident Rewards

Barrington Group Inc. features an exclusive incentive program at each one of our communities called Resident Rewards!

Why not love your home? And better yet, why not get rewarded for loving your home? You deserve to bask in all the luxury and style you can handle! Whether you want to twist and shout on brand new carpeting or salsa up a storm on granite countertops, Resident Rewards will make you want to dance!

Earning drool-worthy home enhancements is as easy as turning in your rent on the 1st of each month or participating in a new-resident welcoming committee. To get more details, select your community:

how to earn:

You automatically start earning points the day you move in! To really rack up the rewards, join a resident committee or volunteer to help out in the community. Visit the leasing office to sign up for other point-earning activities.

how to track:

Easy – we’ll do it for you! We’ll also give you a card to keep track on your own, with ways to save and ways to spend. Of course, your manager will keep the official record so check in with the office if you have any questions!

how to spend:

Points stack up quickly when you’re having fun with neighbors. Ready to splurge? Simply take your tracking card to the leasing office and make the swap.

To get more details, select your community:

Download the Resident Rewards brochure
Resident Rewards are BIG TIME News! Read all about the program HERE